Ideal for Businesses and Goverment

Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is a business grade product providing a private, dedicated connection to the Internet solely for your business. DIA avoids having to share internet access with other users or suffer network congestion from increased traffic. It provides a guaranteed and reliable upstream and downstream bandwidth at all times to ensure a high-quality file transfer, video conferencing and VoIP experience. DIA high-capacity internet access transport is available in a variety of bandwidths up to 10Gbp. This service is suitable for corporate enterprises seeking to establish a high performance, reliable connection to the Internet. 

Why choose ClearWave

ClearWave provide Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) across the entire island of Ireland.

Dedicated Internet Access:

a high-speed internet connection that is private, secure, resillient, only dedicated to your business. It is not shared with any other customer.

Superior Internet Connection

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is not comparable to standard broadband access. Your DIA solution is tailormade for your needs. This means your location and specific requirements will guide whether you’re connected via high-speed wireless , fibre or a combination of both.

Essential Internet Connection

This type of service is essential for any sized business that cannot operate without an internet connection.

No Data Limits

unlimited browsing with no data limits,  starting at 10 Mbps up to 10 Gbps. 


Identical upload and download speeds

Synchronous (Identical) upload and download speeds. That means you can send big documents simultanious to holding a video conference.

Ideal for Businesses and Goverment:

Ideal for remote backups, VoIP Phones and heavy internet usage. 

Multiple Business plans available

guaranteed connectivity speeds backed up by service level agreement.

Get The Speeds You Want at the Price You Want

Dedicated Internet Access