Secured High Speed Networks For Businesses And Government That Are Both Reliable And Affordable

Five 9s of System Uptime With Low Latency Guaranteed, Backed By Iron Clad Service Level Agreements

Who We Are

ClearWave is a fast growing ICT company based in the South of Ireland and has been helping Speed up Irish Businesses and Local Government Agencies since 2011. What sets us apart is our innovative designs, prompt execution and reliable support of each and every project. With over 50 years combined experience and with up to date, in depth technical knowledge of the IT sector, we are excellently placed to provide our customers with a streamlined and dependable service.

What We Do

We design, implement and support a full suite of ICT solutions offering the best value for money in the market. Due to our collective expertise, we cater for each stage of the project from conception to completion. Our tailored solutions enable us to execute even the most demanding projects and our support services provide customers with peace of mind.

Why Should I Choose ClearWave?

Dependable Systems

ClearWave Will Provide You The Highest-Quality Services Possible Where You Can Expect Excellent System Uptime And Constant Availability 

Excellent Support

Excellent 24/7 Support With Service Level Agreements That Will Ensure Compliance When Needed, Meet Service Needs And Provide You With Guaranteed Response Times 

Competitive Pricing

You Are Guaranteed An Extremely Competitive Quote On All Our Solutions And Can Also Expect Significant And Immediate Savings With All Of The Solutions We Provide

Iron Clad Security

You Will Be Guaranteed A Blazing Fast Secured And Fixed Connection Speed 24/7 For Your Organisation, No Matter How Many Users Are Active On Your Network

Painless Installation

You Will Be Guaranteed A Seamless Transition From One System To The Next With The Least Amount Of Business Interruption During A New Installation Or Upgrade.

Happier Users

You Can Expect Immediate And Obvious Speed/Performance Increases Within Your Organization That Will Result In Less Support Calls, Happier Users And A Happy Boss! 

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What They Say About Us

Feedback from our Clients in the following sectors

  • Government
  • Enterprise
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • SMB
  • Hospitality
  • Logistics
  • WISP
  • Healthcare

What They Say About Us

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Eoin Lyng from Carlow Country Council (Local Goverment)

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Kamila Kerner from The Cliff House Hotel (hospitality)

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Jamie Moroney from MTS Media (WISP)

ClearWave Can Provide A Total Turnkey Solution For Your Entire Networking Infrastructure. We Provide A Range Of Services Which Ensure Networks Are Deployed Efficiently, Meeting Customer Requirements.

Our Partners And Products

ClearWave Is One Of Ireland’s Leading Information COmmunications Technology(ICT) Solutions Providers And Has Been Helping Speed Up Irish Business And Local Government Agencies Since 2011